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What is your favourite fish dish

During year 2018 here in Maretarium we are interested to know what is your favourite fish dish and what are the ingredients of it.

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Stories about wrecks and divings in special exhibition until 28.6.2018

In the special exhibition in Maretarium in May-June there are stories about wrecks and divings. The sea area off Maretarium is unique graveyard of ship wrecks. In 1789 and 1790 there were two large naval battles on the sea area off Kotka between Sweden and Russia. The battle in 1790 was the largest naval battle [...]

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Souvenirs from the Meripuoti Shop

Visit the Meripuoti Shop! In Maretarium´s own souvenir shop we focus especially for the sustainablity of the products. The articles sold include products of Keep the Archipelago Tidy, WWF and The Finnish Association for nature Conservation. The most popular souvenirs of all ages are fish playing cards and chocolate Baltic herrings. The Meripuoti Shop is [...]

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